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Commercial Property for Rent: Glasgow

23 April 2018

Here at Stelmain, we’re incredibly proud of our portfolio of commercial properties for rent in Glasgow. We have a large range of different properties to meet a variety of different companies’ needs. We’ve put a lot of work into acquiring such a diverse range and we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure they meet the highest possible professional office standards. In a previous blog post we discussed why you should choose Glasgow for your office space and this blog post can be viewed as the logical follow-up as we are explaining what is so special about some of our best Glasgow-based commercial properties.

Glasgow could be the perfect location for your offices!

Stelmain’s Semi-Serviced Glasgow Offices

At the time of writing this article we have three different semi-serviced offices available for rental. Semi-serviced offices offer a higher degree of flexibility than fully serviced offices as they allow you to pick and choose the cleaning and support services that suit your business. Our three semi-serviced offices are in the city centre and are incredibly stylish. Here’s a quick overview of each property:

Central Chambers — This is on Hope Street, right beside Central Station, making it one of the best locations in the city. Whether you need easy transport links or you want to ensure that it’s easy for clients to find your offices, our Central Chambers property is perfect for any business who needs to be easy to find! With modern décor that is sure to impress, this is definitely one of our most stylish office spaces, and there are nearby parking options for people who want to drive to work.

Baltic Chambers — This property is on Wellington Street, which is also very close to Central Station (we’ve got the best city centre locations!). This huge property has Glasgow’s iconic red sandstone exterior and it has seven floors in total (including the basement and the ground floor). There is an on-site concierge, a coffee shop, pre-installed high-speed broadband and telecoms, and even shower facilities for anyone who cycles to work and wants to freshen up.

Our properties are located in some of the best city centre locations

Turnberry House — This property is on Glasgow’s famous West George Street and it has an entrance on Hope Street too, so it is also very close to Central Station, offering all of the same fantastic transport links as our Central Chambers property. In Turnberry House there is access to pre-installed high-speed broadband, a secure door entry system, 3 lifts, and flexible internal layouts that you can change to meet your specific needs. Turnberry House is a great option for any business keen to set up right in the city centre.

Traditional Office Lettings in Glasgow

No business is exactly the same and the range of offices available should reflect this. Stelmain ensures that all of our properties meet a certain high standard, but we don’t offer different-sized clones of the same office. We know that some businesses just need a practical office space to get the job done, and that others need the most stylish décor possible to really wow their clients. We have too many different traditional office letting options to describe them all in more detail here, but click on the following links for more information:

Academy House — If you aren’t looking for a city centre location, then Academy House may be perfect for you. It’s a 2-story office property that is part of what used to be a school building. Located just 4 miles outside of Glasgow centre, Academy House has several different office options for different companies’ needs.

Afton House — Situated on West Nile Street, just off Glasgow’s busy Buchanan Street, Afton House is right in the city centre and it has Glasgow’s iconic red sandstone exterior, giving any business based there more than a touch of prestige.

Afton House in Glasgow's iconic red sandstone

Central Chambers — In the same spot as our semi-serviced office described above, just without the semi-serviced features.

Ingram House — Located on Ingram Street, in Glasgow’s prestigious Merchant City, Ingram House is incredibly stylish, with distinctively modern décor. Located just a short walk from Central Station and an even shorter walk to Queen Street Station, this is a brilliant office space for any business who needs access to good transport links.

Rothesay House — This is a gorgeous city centre location only a five-minute walk from Central Station and Queen Street Station.

Turnberry House — In the same spot as our serviced office described above, with great transport links, right in the city centre.

Baltic Chambers — Also in the same spot as our serviced office described above. Right in the city centre. Baltic Chambers is a truly a beautiful building.

We simply haven’t had the time to go into all of the specific details of the properties we’ve discussed in this blog post. However, we would be more than happy to talk to you in person or on the phone and answer any question you might have. So please get in touch (by email or by phone). Make the next big step for your business and choose one of our stunning Glasgow office rental properties!

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Commercial Property for Rent: Glasgow

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Here at Stelmain, we’re incredibly proud of our portfolio of commercial properties for rent in Glasgow. We have a large range of different properties to meet a variety of different companies&…

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