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  • Stelmain
  • Baltic Chambers
  • 50 Wellington Street
  • G2 6HJ

What types of office properties do Stelmain offer?

We have a property to suit almost every occupier. We have:

1) serviced offices for companies looking for a ready to go office with all inclusive costs.

2) semi serviced offices or managed offices where we provide you a ‘paired down’ version of a service office.

3) traditionally leased offices where we provide you the space and you take full responsibility for furnishing and choosing your utility suppliers. Leases like this are normally taken for a longer period than serviced or semi serviced offices.

Understanding the difference between Serviced offices and a Traditional lease

A serviced office is essentially an all-inclusive office package. They are used predominately by businesses who have fewer employees and want to have a fixed expenditure every month, normally this will include rent, rates, service charge and all utilities. We can also offer phone lines and internet as part of the package too, dependant on your specific needs. Serviced offices offer a far higher degree of flexibility in the occupational terms and are very useful for businesses who have changing occupational requirements.

A traditional lease is geared towards larger or more established occupiers likely to commit for a longer period of time. Tenants on lease agreements will have more responsibility for the building they occupy but more control over the services they use and pay for.

What can I use the office for?

We are never likely to turn an occupier away because of the use, we will have a suitable property for you. Our offices have accountants, technology companies, charities and less traditional users such as meditation and tooth whitening. Each building has it its own character and feel.

How quickly can I move in?

We provide a simple licence for short term agreements. This allows a tenant to move in within days of viewing a property. We have been known to show a space one day and have the tenant in situ the same day. Some of our larger properties require a lease agreement which will take longer to agree but if both sides are willing this document can be agreed quickly, in most cases within 2 weeks.

What costs am I responsible for?

If you are taking a serviced office the licence agreement will identify what you are responsible for. In a standard serviced office you will get one bill which will cover your rent, rates, water rates, electric, gas, insurance, cleaning and ancillary services. There should therefore be no unforeseen costs.

Lease agreements are structured differently and tenants will have a full repairing and insuring obligation which means they will be responsible for a proportionate share of the common costs as well as their demised costs. The common costs are recovered by the landlord through the service charge.

What is the minimum time I can take an office for?

Different properties have different minimum licence terms but the shortest we can offer is 3 months in Centrum and 111 Union Street. Others such as Baltic Chambers and Central Chambers have a minimum lease term of 12 months but the larger properties in our portfolio require a minimum 3 year commitment.

What happens if I grow out of my office before the end of the agreement?

Stelmain offer a flexible approach and offer tenants the ability to grow, in the majority of cases, without being penalised for it. In the first instance we will try and accommodate you within your existing building. If this is not possible we will look at alternative properties within the portfolio which might be suitable.

Will Stelmain have something I can afford?

It is highly likely that Stelmain will have something that is within your price bracket. Rents start from as a little as £110 per month. We have a variety of properties which offer different qualities of space, reflected in the quoted rental price.

My business type is very unusual, will Stelmain be able to accommodate me?

We try and accommodate all business types. Each of our properties has a different feel and is set up to accommodate different types of tenant. If you have a business use which you aren’t sure will be applicable to one of our properties please get in touch and in the majority of cases we will find you a suitable solution.